Alan Hicks - Founder & CTO

Quite Radical is an initiative by Alan Hicks from Persistent Objects to help Micro and SMEs reduce friction and increase effectiveness of their customer communications. Whether local shop, market stall, or trade stand, by using Behavioural Science and QR codes you reduce friction and increase effectiveness with point and click between your physical presence, online presence, social media, review sites and increase engagement.

The more you make your website or online presence an integral part of your business, the more you benefit from linking the two. It's essential to know what's going on and Google Analytics is free, enables you to see, at a glance and over time, how your prospects and customers are interacting with your business. Google Analytics also offers free insights and opportunities that this technology is delivering for firms with large budgets.

Persistent Objects had been delivering independent IT and Marketing expertise to local businesses for over 25 years. Making opportunities, promoting good practice and delivering value with apps that scale.

With IT & strategic marketing expertise from Deloitte where professional ethics, business acumen and rigorous accounting are essential to delivering mission critical projects for the most demanding users and the ability to combine these with flair and imagination from Havas; you can be assured of delivering and marketing added value for your clients.

As your independent IT & Marketing consultancy in South West London Persistent Objects raise your business profile by designing, delivering and supporting your physical as well as internet presence both large and small, local and global. From sole traders to small/medium enterprises we help you get the the most from your budget by delivering high impact web applications, related materials and services that make a real difference improving both how individuals/organisations work and how they help manage their relationships with colleagues, clients and prospects.

The only constant is change so we're constantly researching & developing our business plus monitoring market trends to ensure we're always delivering value and growing your business.

We can help you research then deliver your message to new and existing customers using our experience in marketing to complement our core IT skills ensuring you make the most out of your opportunities, plus our accounting skills and business acumen ensure you get a good return on your investment. Our mission is to offer an independent, personal service by blending our soft skills with our technical competence and a touch of flair to help you achieve your goals and help you grow your business by increasing engagement with your customers.

Why Persistent Objects? Objects comes from the Object Oriented way of looking at opportunities as we saw them back in the '90's to give a more subject based and modular focus, we found it an easier way to work, better understanding of the matter in hand from the view of all interested parties and a more flexible and easier way to manage complexity in an increasingly changing world. Good application design skills, implemented well and delivered with sufficient usability and take-up meant that projects lasted long after their intended lifespan, hence Persistent. As the tools and technologies have evolved, so we have incorporated them where appropriate to make our offerings better and more cost effective helping you deliver your objectives in an ever changing landscape.

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Alan Hicks