Tech has caught up with initial aspirations and it's now time to take advantage of the very real opportunities the latest tech, largely free, has to offer.

Someone pointing their smartphone at a QR code

Almost everyone has a smartphone, almost every business has a web presence. Quite Radical is bringing them together in the real world helping everyone's life become easier and more productive.

QR Codes make it easy for your customers to point and click directly to your destination

Are you open this weekend? Put a QR code next to your opening hours, then they can bookmark your page and keep it for reference during the next holiday season. Google Analytics will tell you how many and when they asked.

Have an event coming up? Print a poster with a QR code so they can remind themselves and let them share it with their friends. Google Analytics will tell you how many and when they wanted to find out more.

Google Analytics 4 is an essential tool for insights into how your customers and prospects engage with you

At Quite Radical we're offering you the tools to create links, leaflets and posters for free so you can make the internet work harder for you and your organisation by letting your customers point and click to your information and keep you in their smartphones.

Spend more time doing what you're good at:

  • QR codes link leaflets and posters to your website;
  • Your website works tirelessly 24x7x365;
  • Google Analytics lets you see what's happening.

Start today and create your first poster with an easy to use point and click QR code.

Linkmaker creates clickable links. For example mail link helps structure emails with templates, goto Mailto Linkmaker and click the example.

GA4 QR helps you create QR codes for physical media such as leaflets and posters to your website capturing physical touch point reporting through Google Analytics.